ICB in the News

March. 26, 2014
Update: Frames To Go!

The Mission. A world where everyone has an opportunity to see clearly!
Frames To Go is an on-going project of the Institute of Catholic Bioethics at Saint Joseph’s University in local area schools as service projects; that will enable those who live in developing countries to have the gift of improved sight and a better quality of life. Through donations of used eyeglasses, we are able to distribute these eyeglasses to qualified non-profit eye hospitals in the developing world. Without these donations, many of the recipients would not be able to afford the eyeglasses needed to correct their vision. We are proud to be a part of bringing the gift of improved sight to those who are unable to afford basic eye care.
Latest Update. Driven by a solution to detect early vision problems in children Dr. Stephen Arnold was one of the original founders of a company called PediaVision. Spot is a breakthrough wireless technology that now allows children as young as six months to be tested for potential vision issues. You can visit www.Pediavision.com for further information on the technology. Currently we are working to bring this technology to countries outside the United States and bring eyewear to children wherever needed. Foresight Frames will collaborate efforts and will generously give one pair of new glasses for every pair sold to give a pair to Frames to Go.
We are grateful for the opportunity.